Break out of the silo.

What is the Link Tank and Why Does It Exist?

We are a community of graduate students who wanted opportunities to link with people and ideas outside our departments. We believe that thorny problems are best tackled from multiple perspectives, not from inside of silos. We believe that the best ideas come from uninhibited conversations and the most fruitful collaborations come from meaningful connections. We believe in a good-natured disagreement. We believe we are more than our dissertations. But, most importantly, we believe that problem-solving is more fun, more impactful, and more original when we get together and geek out!

We aspire to offer a place, outside the classroom, for those connections to happen. Sound like you? Join us!

Past Link Tank Events


Einstein called it die heilige neugier des forschens. (the sacred curiousity of research). Maslow called it metamotivation. But what is it? And how do we foster it in our students?

What makes a good teacher?

Do they offer something you want? Or something you need? Perhaps a little bit of both? What did the most impactful teachers in your life do for you?

Meditation, the Mind, and the Brain

How does the lived mental experience map to what we learn from cognitive science, neuroscience, or various branches of psychology? When we study reactions or experiences in our human participants, what kind of accounts are we really getting? What is the "anxiety" or "attention" or "knowledge"?